Packages Tailored to Your Personal Growth Experience

We offer tiered discounted packaged rates to individuals interested in paying for multiple coaching sessions up-front. Change most frequently occurs gradually rather than all of a sudden. So it may make sense for you to invest in your growth in this way. Paying in advance may work better for some rather than others and it may make coaching more affordable in the long-run. It can also stand, to some, as an act embodying their commitment to their continued growth and development.

We are also able to explore creative solutions to facilitate payment for coaching should that be required. Such agreements must be worked out on a case-by-case basis with the individual coach in question and are usually subject to a written agreement. Contact us at any time to discuss your situation and circumstance and how we may be able to finance your growth.

Remember, you're in control! You get to determine how long you wish to remain in the coaching relationship. You get to decide who you work with and how long you want to continue coaching for and when you'd like to make a go of it on your own again or with another and discontinue your journey with us.

We are always greatly appreciative of referrals.